Benefits of Amla, Indian Gooseberry, Amla Juice

Indian Gooseberry/Amla– A Wonder Herb & the Divine Healer from Ayurveda!

Amla Benefits/Indian Gooseberry benefits-Amla is one of the precious gifts of nature to mankind for body strength and good health.  Due to so many benefits of Amla fruit, it is also known as a wonder fruit of nature. The benefits of Amla are unique, healthy and of high potency quality offering complete care plan for entire body system.

It was not a magic that in prehistoric days sages and saints enjoyed long life of more than 100 years. It was actually a result of consuming herbs such as Amla and followed a life full of discipline.

It has been scientifically proved that the benefits of Amla, Indian gooseberry, are absolutely noncontroversial. Hence, it is preserved commonly in Indian kitchen and is part of Indian medicine system, “The Ayurveda” for thousands of years and now has gained authentication worldwide by the modern day’s researchers as well.

What Makes Amla a Miracle Fruit:

Amla fruit/ Indian gooseberry is a rich source of natural vitamin ‘C’ and that can provide enormous amount of energy to the body. It also contains protein, vitamin A, Iron, phosphorous, carbohydrates folic acid, calcium and fibers

  • All these minerals and vitamins are in its natural and pure form, making Amla and its products work as anti oxidant, De-toxicant, Anti-Ageing, Anti Disease, Anti stress and anti Fatigue agent.  It is mild laxative, anti-tumor, anti –pyretic, anti allergy and anti infection. Amla is a miracle fruit that can revive any body system from within and reverses the diseases.

You may ask, ‘How can I bring it to my use? As raw Amla may taste little bitter or sour to the person who has yet to develop a taste for it. Therefore, people may choose to have Amla in different forms such as juice, pickle, fried vegetable dish or preserving it in the form of sweet dish, commonly known as murabba – To prepare this sweet flavored Amla, you first need to boil it, then slice it, keep it soaked in lime water for some time then store it with different chemicals and preservatives to make it more tasty and yummy. However, it kills the medicinal value and turns it into a seeded stack of sugar.

After a long research done by Indian Ayurveda specialists and pharmacist companies. It was discovered that in order to get the maximum benefits of all the natural herbal qualities present in Amla, one should have it either in the raw form or juice form rather than frying it or preserving with the help of any artificial sweetener.

What All Amla can surely Cure:

  • Including one raw Amla daily in lunch helps in controlling cholesterol , blood pressure, weight and fat , checks problems related to liver, digestion , stomach, hair , skin and leucorrhea, weakness of semen and stamina.
  • The symptoms of ageing like lack of enthusiasm, getting irritated due to lack of energy and weakness, eye weakness, premature graying and hairfall, can be surely cured with just taking two spoonful of Amla juice twice daily.
  • The use of Amla is highly effective in treating sugar patients with side effects like skin allergy, blood pressure, eye weakness, getting irritated due to weakness by taking two spoonfuls of Amla juice, one spoonful of neem honey continuously for a long period to cure anyone from sugar problem and its side effects.
  • Amala juice is highly recommended to have continuously for physical and mental growth. Take two spoonful of amla Ras and one spoon ful of garlic juice and one spoonful of honey twice a day for blood pressure, gas problem, indigestion etc. This is one of the very important benefits of Amla juice and cannot be denied in any case.
  • People suffering from the bouts of cough again and again, influenza flu, and are easily down with cough and fever with dust or smoke , lack of immunity  then  taking two spoonful of  Amla juice , one spoonful of ginger juice  and one  spoonful of honey twice a day continuously will cure the patient with fast results.
  • Taking Amla juice continuously in growing children, who are suffering from lack of physical and mental energy and those who lag behind in their studies will surely get benefit from it in regaining their energy and will do very well in their studies. This benefit of Amla juice is commonly know in rural parts of India and therefore Amla juice is also now a part of their regular diet.
  • Sometimes when the growth among children is not up to satisfactory levels and even after fifteen years of age, if they don’t develop their personality, then taking two spoonful of Amla Juice twice a day continuously for six months, is highly recommended and will do wonders.

  Benefits of Amla Juice are:

  • Enhances physical and mental development at any age
  • Makes the body slim and smart
  • Gives extra energy in pre and post delivery periods, especially in periods
  • It purifies blood and there by increases the beauty of the body
  • Acts as boon for all stomach disorders

Therefore, in a nutshell it is concluded that if Amla is taken regularly, preferably in its raw or juice form then it surely aids in balancing, correcting and revitalizing g the whole body system by cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation resulted in raised immunity and resistance level that offers sound base for evergreen health to anyone and everyone.

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