How to Become Happy and Feel Good About Yourself

Tips-to-earn-Happiness-Peace-of-mind-miraclehealthHow to Become Happy- Feel Good about Yourself

Become Happy- Happiness comes not by increasing the focus on the self, but by shifting it away from the self. Evidence from a known lab gives a documented proof that small doses of volunteering, even two or three hours a week, elevate mood in most people. The practice of volunteering acts as a pill that instantly kills all the pain and agony, giving immense peace, even to a person who had a bad moment such as extreme fight or an altercation with someone in the family or work place.

how to become happy

Best Practices to become happier:

Below are some best practices by which you can put the concept of giving happiness that automatically pulls a greater happiness for yourself:

  • Donate well-thumped books , you are no longer reading to a free public library or to old age home, instead of selling them for a meager amount to a raddiwalla
  • Opening the door for a person, behind you in the corridor, carrying  things may need extra help
  • When you are in line at the supermarket with the full trolley-load, allow someone with just a few items to go ahead of you
  • If you have enjoyed a meal at some fancy joint, instead of taking the leftovers home to heat and eat during the following day, bag and give them to a destitute person on the street who might otherwise never get a taste of Punjabi cheese dish or Manchurian Chopsey
  • Leave behind your copy of morning’s tabloid at the coffee shop-or in the train so someone else can read it too

Here are some more ways through which you can showcase a good level of generosity, without even spending any penny of yours:

  • Give compassion-hold someone’s hand when they feel vulnerable to let them know you are not judging them
  • Give an attentive year. Listen to someone who is telling you about a problem with your full attention and rein in the temptation to let your thoughts wander
  • Give Compassion- hold someone’s hand when they feel vulnerable, to let them know you are not judging them
  • Give a heartfelt apology when you realize you have wronged someone
  • Give forgiveness when some has wronged you
  • Give empathy to someone who is struggling with difficult feelings by sharing a similar experience of your own
  • Give support– by accompanying someone to a medical exam, or to a difficult job interview
  • Give Courtesy– by returning a call rather than deciding, “he will callback if he needs something”; by leaving a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog to show how they affected you
  • Give the benefit of doubt, when you are tempted to suspect someone for no valid reason

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