Health Myths: Protein Sources & It’s Supplement Vs Body Requirement

MYTHS Don’t Matter At All..!

Myths are silly, but still are occupying a good space in our life. Even today, most of us take a pause, after a black cat crosses our paths. These kinds of myths don’t directly affect our health. But myths about Food and Supplements however, do. So let’s be cognizant about these myths because myths don’t matter and facts do!

Some sheer myths:

  • Eggs alone can meet your daily protein requirement:

Egg: Protein Sources-

The fact is you probably can, but only if you have at least 10 eggs a day!  And that is why it is imperative to have protein through supplements in a form that is easy to digest and absorb, thus helping you meet your daily protein requirement.

  • Only body builders need protein supplement

Protein Supplements & It's Sources

The Fact is, although protein is part of our daily diet, it may not be sufficient to meet our protein requirement. Look at the chart below to know the protein content in the food we normally eat:

Food Protien [Per 100 Gm]
Roti 8 gm
Boiled Rice 2 gm
Boiled Vegetable 4 gm
Egg 11gm
Milk 2 gm
Fish 20gm

Hence, our body does get the required protein which, can lead to Protein Energy Malnutrition, resulting in various health problems like muscle loss, weight loss and higher risk of infections etc.

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