The Most Easiest and Effective Ways To Lose Body Weight & Burn Fat

Best Tips and Ways to Lose Body Weight & Extra Kilos

Guidelines, Tips, & Ways to Lose Body Weight, Extra Kilos and Burn Fat Fast. If you are worried about those few extra kilos that you have added on to your body then we have the best fast track weight loss techniques. Following these techniques will shed away all your surplus kilos and avoid adding further calories to your Thus losing body weight now gets really easier by simply picking and following any six or seven of these below mentioned tips and guidelines. All these practices are intensively researched and scientifically proven in most of the best health labs of America and United Kingdom, catering to both men’s and women’s Health and fitness. Therefore, these guidelines serves as most effective techniques for anyone who is looking out for best tips and ways to lose body weight and extra kilos. Below are some effective tips and ways that serve as a guide to lose body fat for beginner’s and also for those who are looking for the best tips to lose weight naturally :

1) Milk Yourself Regularly

Drinking Milk serves as one of the best drinks in diet plan for anyone who is targeting to lose body weight. Temple University in US determined an additional 1200mg of calcium a day from dairy products triggered an average of 10kgs loss in six months. Calcium increases fat breakdown that has been proved through research. Begin with some skimmed milk. People who have a tendency to add weight are advised to have milk at night time for burning fat in the body.

2) Go Green for your morning and evening Tea 

Scientist have found a compound called epigallocate chin gallate that combines with caffeine to boost fat oxidation and resting metabolic rate by 20 percent. Two daily cups wash away 600 calories a week that is really one of the healthiest and easiest tips for losing extra kilos from your body. Green tea has got good antioxidants that keeps you stay young and slim. Sipping green tea is the easiest thing that you can do to lose weight naturally.

3) Increase your Nuts intake

Scientist have researched that having 30 almonds a day forhalf an year helps in losing weight and accelerates fat loss.Eat-Nuts-Loose-Weight-Miraclehealth.orgIts fiber, protein and monosaturated fat keeps you feeling full. Hence, 10 almonds a day is more than enough for anyone who is targeting to reduce body weight.


4) Opting for a real fruit over juice

International Journal of Obesity reports- opting for real fruit over juice cuts the calories by 20 percent as chewing produces more hormones that make you feel fuller. Hence it one of the best drinks to lose weight.

5) Adding Cinnamon to your meals

Cinnamon is a fat burning metabolic raiser. US department of agriculture found that adding half a tea spoon to meals ditched 0.9kg in a month. Cinnamon is one of weight loss friendly foods. Adding Cinnamon in your meal is simple and a easy step of losing weight and extra kilos.

6) Drink Grapefruit Juice thrice a day

Oxford researchers found men who drank 100ml of grapefruit juice times a day for 12 weeks lost an average of 2kgs due to its insulin lowering enzymes. Hence, drinking grapefruit juice is highly recommended to everyone who are looking out for easy ways to lose weight naturally.


7) Good amount of Protein intake really works

If you get 25 percent of your calories from protein, you burn 200 extra calories breaking it down. swap chicken for black beans to halve the fat. Hence going on protein diet is one of the very common, effective and easiest techniques to lose body weight and gaining lean muscles.
It induces good amount of fat loss in the body. A high protein rich breakfast is a very effective tip to lose weight fast and easy.

8) Ready and steady meals makes good sense

Scientific studies has proved that men eating ready meals lost 31 percent more weight. You overeat home cooked food assuming its healthy.

9) Walking and strolling shows faster results


Tufts university found that 20 minutes walk immediately after meals, can make calories burn faster and make you lose an extra half kilo.Walking and Strolling is one of the most effective ways of losing body weight and fat from all the parts of the body. Brisk walking also increases your testosterone level, a hormone responsible for keeping fat at bay, hence maintaining the required fitness of the body. Activities like running, jogging, Brisk walking, jumping does not require any sort of professional coaching to practice and are the easiest possible general exercises and ways to lose weight fast, burn fat and tone your body

10) Include Chilli to burn flab

Adding a quarter of a tea spoon of chilli powder to meals made men lose an extra 2.3kgs a month. Capsaicin in chilli clears fat storing insulin from your liver. Hence adding chilli powder works as a fat burning ingredient that helps lose few extra kilos making you look slimmer and thin, when taken regularly a little more than tolerable limits. Chili is a commonly used ingredient known for burning stored fat to lose body fat fast.

11) Stick on to High Fiber Cereals in lunch

Eating cereal for lunch cut average daily calorie intake by 640 Go for high fiber low sugar ones. This is a very important rule for those who are very eager to decrease body fat and reduce weight fast at home. This also serves as an useful tip for people who are little lazy to hit gym and still desires to lose weight fast at home without exercise.

12) Don’t mix television and food

Research has proved that seeing food while watching television increases calorie consumption by 10 pointers. Therefore, if you are aiming to burn extra calories, kilos and fat then it’s high time for you to steer clear of food ads on television.

13) Take salads as your starters

Starting a meal with salad curtails total calorie consumption by a fifth. The secret is salad’s filling volume is one of the best techniques to lose weight. Already in many homes this practice has been followed since decades, as it is a simple and easy step to reduce weight naturally by filling your empty stomach to put a control to your hunger pangs.

14) Break the steady pace of your cardio workouts

Ditch the slog for intervals. Men cycling hard for 8 seconds then light for 12, repeated the same for 20 minutes, three times a week for fifteen weeks, lost three times more weight than those doing 40 minutes sessions at a steady pace, helps in faster weight reduction. Including this fitness tip in your cardio workout will result in rapid weight loss and gives you a fast kick before you start other body weight exercises to lose weight and burn fat.

15) Relish yourself with the treat of soups

Eating Soup twice a day makes one lose an average of 0.9 kg more each month than carb eaters. Hence it is one of the best food items and scientifically proved techniques to reduce weight, without raising any form of nutritional deficiency in the body. Spinach, onion, broccoli, bell pepper, garden asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, celery are some best vegetables for weight loss and diet, to make your soups.

16) Start pulses diet

Pulses are packed with amino acid leucine, which Boston University scientists had found. Having pulses helped dieters lose 7.3 kg over 10 weeks with no other dietary changes. Pulses are important foods to lose weight. Including variety of pulses in your regular basic meals is one of the easiest ways to reduce body weight.

17) Scale body weight regularly

Men who weighed more frequently lost an average of 1.8 kg more each month that weekly scale tippers. Its keeps weight losing on your mind.

18) Triggering on body pressure points

Scientific study has proved that men who had acupuncture once a week lost an extra 4.5kg in three months. Pressure point trigger electrical pulse that suppress appetite. In Countries like China, Korea, and other south east asian countries, acupuncture is a common practiced therapy as it is a best way to lose weight from stomach.


19) Exercising under sunlight increases its efficacy

excercising-in-sun-weight-loss-miraclehealth.orgStudies in the general obesity has proved that men who exercise in direct sunlight lost 20 percent more body fat than those exercising indoors. So, if you want to make the most of the physical efforts that you are putting in to stay fit and healthy then carry on with your workouts under the sun, preferably early morning, as body has more energy during that time and thus let you lose body weight and extra kilos to your desired level.

20) Serving knifed Slices cut calories in your diet

Studies suggests that people serving of sliced portions as 27 percent larger than equal to whole portions and subsequently consume 20 percent more calorie.

21) Have your basic meals at its appropriate time

Losing body weight really becomes easier when you follow the proper timings of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hence it becomes really imperative to know their the right timings and inculcate the same in your eating habits. Having food at its required time is one of the very crucial eating rules for faster weight loss. Each and every meal time is as important as those fat burning workouts, targeting to lose body weight and extra calories.

22) Breakfast to have monosaturated fat

Eat a high monosaturated fat breakfast and you will consume up to 15 percent fewer calories over the day. Hence, opting for food containing this type of fat will help every man and women out there, trying to avoid gaining fat and reduce belly fat.

23) Inculcate relaxing exercises into your regime

Stress hormones stimulate fat cells to grow and multiply. Do relaxing exercise along with your diet regime to ditch an extra 0.9kg per month.

24) Bed Fun surely do wonders


Sex boost a specific hormone that increases fat metabolism and lean muscle growth. Try to make it four times a week and burn 800 calories more.

 25) And sleeping for an extra hour

Last but not the least, an extra hour’s shut reduces calorie intake by 200 a day, according to the university of Chicago. Over sleeping is the easiest tip to lose body weight as it does not require much of your efforts.

The best thing about these weight loss guidelines are:-a) these are very doable, simple, effective and easy techniques to lose body weight and extra kilos. b) lot of them are really very unique and anyone can follow these guidelines of weight loss in his daily routine. c) following these guidelines does not require any kind medical supervision. d) these can be adapted by any age group e) Your will start to lose body weight very quickly.

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